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At orb Partnering we are passionate about science: yours and ours. Through partnerships we can build a better future together with medicines that make a real difference to patients.

Nima GolsharifiChief Executive Officer

At orb we were one of the companies to recognise the importance of external innovation. orb Partnering was created ago with the aim of becoming the partner of choice for biotechnology companies and research institutes worldwide. Since then, we have maintained a model that values external innovation as highly as our own internally derived discoveries and established collaborations as the cornerstone of our R&D strategy.

Areas of interest

We are looking for first-in-class or best-in-class opportunities that address diseases of unmet medical need and have the potential to revolutionise the standard of care. We focus on our main disease therapy areas as well as looking at opportunities in promising technologies and early-stage collaborations. Beyond the asset, we always look for the right partnership and cultural fit.

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Our partnering process

The orb partnering process can be encapsulated in four steps.

At each step we can modify and tailor the relationship to the specific needs of each potential partner and depending on what is best for the asset. We find that this flexible approach is welcomed by our partners, and in our experience delivers the best results.

Executive leadership

At orb we believe in providing an environment where innovation can flourish.

Our focus for each alliance is on the partnered asset and how we can create a win-win situation for all involved. At the same time, our partners play an active role in the further development of their asset.

CEO Nima Golsharifi on the value of innovation at orb

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