BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia

Deep Regional system using an annular phased array configuration to shape and focus
thermal energy on targeted treatment area deep inside the pelvis, abdomen or chest.

The Sigma Treatment Base Unit

  • RF power delivery subsystem
  • Proprietary, thermistor-based, thermometry subsystems
  • Computerised monitoring and control subsystems
  • Applicator subsystem that includes an applicator and patient support system
  • Various accessories, including a tissue equivalent QA lamp phantom that provides verification of the energy focus, pattern steering, and system operations

The BSD-2000 comes in two configurations, a lower power basic system (BSD-2000B) that has a maximum power output of 1300 watts and an upgraded higher power system (BSD-2000U) that has a maximum power output of 1800 watts. Currently sold throughout Europe and Asia and in the U.S. only under FDA sanctioned device exemption.