orb™ Proton Therapy Solutions:

Driven to innovate, orb™ is now providing the Next Generation of Proton Therapy for cancer patients

orb™ provides a turn-key solution that significantly reduces the cost of delivering proton therapy while improving clinical efficacy. orb® eliminates the gantry and its space requirements from the proton equation by combining an in-room diagnostic CT with advanced robotics to deliver adaptive therapy and pencil-beam-scanning to all tumour sites that previously required a gantry.

orb™ proton system not only improves ROI, but more importantly, it enhances patient outcomes. Our system is designed to merge IMPT (“Pencil Beam Scanning”) and real-time adaptive therapy, an achievement that is considered by oncologists to be the holy grail of radiation therapy. This advancement is enabled by imaging at the treatment iso-center with a diagnostic CT instead of a partial Cone-Beam CT. The system can also treat patients in a seated position, a novel and superior configuration for treating lung and thoracic tumours.

How it works

Step 1

The patient is immobilised in a seated position and robotically positioned in the treatment room.


Step 2

The in-room diagnostic CT "slides" down the rails to image the seated patient. The CT then slides back to its original position.


Step 3

The orb™ system uses diagnostic CT image to determine the exact size and shape of the tumour. Any changes to the tumour are noted so the treatment plan can be adapted in real time. The shape, size and power of the beam (with Pencil Beam Scanning) are determined and verified


Step 4

The patient is precisely positioned via positioning software and the robotic chair. Treatment commences and the patient is monitored throughout the session to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


Step 5

The patient is quickly re-positioned at the next treatment angle. The system verifies the patient's new position and continues treating the patient from the new angle.