Medical & Academic Sponsorship (MAS)

orb's Medical & Academic Partnerships Program supports the career development of healthcare professionals and researchers dedicated to improving the health and lives of patients through direct patient care and/or conducting clinical or epidemiologic research.

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orb remains committed to supporting and advancing research, innovation, and medical education for academic centers and schools of medicine, nursing, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, public health and medical engineering. Through Public-Private Partnerships, orb continues to map-a-course of discovery for a wide variety of clinical and population health issues, with the goal of finding innovative ways to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent and treat acute and chronic disease.

Health Care Charitable Grants (HCCG)

orb and its legacy companies have a strong tradition of funding external, independent, not-for-profit organisations to support shared goals and to demonstrate our commitment to fund programs and activities that provide broad public benefit, advance medical care and improve patient outcomes. These external, independent, not-for-profit organisations include patient advocacy groups, professional medical associations, and other charitable organisations. orb strives to ensure that our continued alignment with external, independent, not-for-profit organisations is conducted in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, industry codes, external standards and internal Pfizer policies and procedures.

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We recognise that there may be diverse understandings of the term Healthcare Charitable Contributions. orb has its own specific definition of this term that complies with our internal policies.

Application process

  • Requests for healthcare charitable contributions must be submitted according to the quarterly schedule noted below:

  • Application Cycle Desicion communicated by Deadine to sign LOA Estimated Start Date of Program/Activity
    1st Dec - 15th Jan 4th March Minimum of weeks before start date or the decision will reverse to denied 1st April or later
    1st Mar - 15th Apr 4th June Minimum of weeks before start date or the decision will reverse to denied 1st July or later
    1st June - 15th July 2nd Sept Minimum of weeks before start date or the decision will reverse to denied 1st Oct or later
    1st Sept - 15th Oct 2nd Dec Minimum of weeks before start date or the decision will reverse to denied 1st Jan or later
  • orb will not fund a program/activity after the start date has passed.
  • The program/activity must be aligned with the area of interest
  • If orb decides to provide a healthcare charitable contribution, the organisation must sign a Letter of Agreement.
  • For all funded programs, the organisation must complete an Acknowledgment Form following the conclusion of the patient program.

Required Documents:

  • A description of the program and its objectives
  • IRS determination letter confirming the organisation's tax status
  • IRS Tax Identification Number and Certification